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Questions you may have

   - Assisted Living in Phoenix Arizona

1. How do we get started?

Answer:  Contact us for a phone consultation to evaluate your specific situation and needs.

2. How much does it cost to use your services?

Answer: Our services are free to Seniors and their families with all fees paid by the assisted living facility.

3. What is the difference between an assisted living center and a care home?

Answer:  Both are licensed, regulated, and monitored by the Arizona Department of Health Services.  Assisted living centers are larger facilities with a large array of amenities and activities for residents.  Care homes are community-based in residential neighborhoods licensed for 10 or fewer residents.

4. Why should we use a referral service to help us?

Answer:  There are over 1,200 assisted living facilities in the Phoenix metropolitan area to choose from.  Sometimes, a social worker or case manager will give a family a list of facilities but they cannot offer any personal knowledge to help a family distinguish one from another.  At Arizona Assisted Living Options, we personally evaluate every facility in our network and have expertise in matching you with the best assisted living option for your unique circumstances.

5. What steps are involved in the admissions process?

Answer:  (a) Physical Assessment: A history and physical form is prepared by the resident's health care provider no more than 30 days before the resident enters the facility. (b) Resident Agreement: Prior to move-in, the Resident Agreement between the resident and the assisted living facility must be signed.  This contract lists all of the services that will be provided for the resident, as well as the associated fees. (c) Functional Assessment:  Within 30 days after admission, the manager and/or nurse at the facility must prepare a Functional Assessment documenting: the resident's ability to perform daily living activities, the level of support and assistance needed, and the resident's social strengths and needs.  (d) Service Plan: This document, which must be completed within 30 days after admission, details the services that will be provided to the resident including assistance with daily living activities and medication management. The Service Plan is updated every six months, or more frequently if necessary.